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The Cincinnati Animation Network is working hard to develop the animation community in Cincinnati.

We meet regularly, keep in touch online, share work, discuss challenges of freelance and production work, practice and create together, and share information that is needed to be a successful animation artist.

There is currently no charge for membership, all you need to do is join the Facebook group, follow the Facebook page, and/or join the E-newsletter. Then come to a meeting or event!

Our Partners

The Cincinnati Animation Network was founded in 2013 and  in 2017 became a program of the Cincinnati Film Society . Together we are working toward creating filmmaker grants, workshops, festivals, screenings, and classes to encourage animation for all ages in Cincinnati.

Darcy Vorhees

Progam Founder, Director

Hi, my name is Darcy Vorhees and I am the Founder and Program Director of the Cincinnati Animation Network.

I was born in Cincinnati and went to Pratt institute in NYC for college and studied film and animation. I then graduated and worked in the animation industry in TV, commercials, and a couple of features in NYC for about 10 years.

In 2007 I moved back to Ohio and started an animation company called Flaming Medusa Studios where I and my team produced animation for a wide variety of clients both locally and nationally.

In 2016 I sold the assets of the company to my business partner Tom, Recently I have started working as an Animation Consultant and Opportunity Designer with Flaming Medusa again to take it to the next level by being able to take on tasks that I never had time for before.

Since moving back to Ohio I have been dreaming of and working on the Cincinnati Animation Network with the goal of developing opportunity and connection both among artists in the city, and between the city and the world of animation. In 2014 the group was started and in 2016 the Cincinnati Animation Network formed a partnership with the Cincinnati Film Society in an effort to unite resources for the support of filmmakers of all kinds in Cincinnati. In 2017, CAN became an official program of the Cincinnati Film Society.

That's me in a nutshell- it's me that you should look for when attending an event for the first time (but I usually wear black framed glasses)! Please do email me if you have any suggestions, if you want to volunteer, or if you want the Cincinnati Animation Network to do a write up about an event or project that you're working on.

Nice to meet you and I hope to see you soon,

Darcy Vorhees

Animation Program Director

Cincinnati Film Society


(513) 304-9780

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