Fur Reality Animation Mini-Festival: Submissions Sought


Fur Reality is an anthropomorphic-themed convention that is also an immersive storytelling experience for attendees. It is taking place from October 6-8th in the Blue Ash, Ohio.

Fur Reality emphasizes creativity and creation. There will be a lot of arts-based panelling and workshops provided to attendees to teach writing, art, animation, crafting, cooking and a variety of other subjects.

As part of their expanding Animation segment, they want to showcase animated shorts from independent animators from all over the country. These will be played in the form of a mini-festival at the show, open for all attendees to come and watch. If it goes well, they hope to expand even further for next year.

The films do not need to be limited to furry or anthropomorphic content. Also, they are wanting to keep it safe for a wide range of ages so no adult content please. Check their site for submission rules.

To submit a film, check the Animation Mini-festival submissions page. Please note that all submitted animations will be reviewed for rating and length before being accepted.

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