As a professional in the animation industry you need to stay in touch with what is going on in the city and the world so you can continue making your way through it. the Cincinnati Animation Network has established the following support structure to help make that journey a little easier.

-Our General Meetings and Facebook Group are a good way to meet other freelancers and employees in the area and connect with people who are in adjacent industries to animation such as illustration and game design. You can also learn more about who is hiring or may be hiring in the future both here in the city and across the country/world. Face time with other artists never hurts either.

-Our festivals and screenings are designed to showcase your work. Enter a festival and we will do our best to get accepted entries in front of creative directors city-wide.

-Attend a networking session at a special event and get introduced to other creative and advertising professionals.

Submit your Youtube or Vimeo channel or reel to us and we will promote your content online with our channels

-Join the Animation Directors Round Table for accountability and moral support as you work on your own personal or professional project.

-Keep your skills sharp and learn new software by following the events calendar’s notifications about city-wide classes and art outings.

Tell us about your projects and achievements and we will announce them to the world via our website, social media channels, and- for the really big stuff- press releases and media contacts.

-Explore additional support that can be provided by our partner the Cincinnati Film Society, such as fiscal sponsorship, residencies, and grants for filmmakers.

If you have any ideas for a program or class you would like to teach via the Cincinnati Animation Network, or if you can think of another way that we can help you out, please do contact us. We would love to chat!