As an animation student your goals right now are to hone your skills and prepare a portfolio so you can be ready for the world after graduation. We hope that you join us early in your college career so we can be of help as you progress! Some things that pertain to you:

Portfolio review sessions are a great place to get feedback on your work. Show us your site and professionals can give you feedback. Learn about what to expect after graduation.

-Find out about art and animation events and classes through the CAN local event calendar. It’s a great way to find other related groups in Cincinnati.

-Attend General Meetings to meet other students and professionals so you can ask for advice or ask questions you may have about working in animation

-Go to our Facebook Group and post a message asking to be connected with a mentor or a company that is looking for animation interns. You can also ask questions and post your work between meetings to get feedback.

– Attend and enter your work into CAN animation festivals and screenings so we can show people what you do!

We want to continue building resources for animation students in Cincinnati. If you have any ideas or want to volunteer just contact us!