What’s Going on in Paris Animation

I had the fortunate opportunity to check out some films from Paris production companies at the London Film Festival at the Barbican Center yesterday. These are some of the films that I enjoyed the most- it’s always good to see what other people are doing don’t you think?

Some of the links are to teasers but the full films will hopefully be released soon. I will keep an eye out for them- you get a dose of style and mood from the teasers. The full films I found are here too:)

Man On The Chair- Dir. Dahee Jeong


Invasion- Dirs Hugo Ramirez & Olivier Patte

Unicorn Blood- Dir Alberto Vasquez

Walking Grainy- Dir Francois Vogel

I can’t find anything from this film, but this short music video trailer from the same director gives you an idea of the insanity that is watching this film

The Chant- Dir Ines Sedan

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