Workshops For Everyone at Fur Reality Furry Convention

There is a furry convention in town this weekend, Fri Oct 6 to Sun Oct 8th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blue Ash, Fur Reality. Why am I writing about this?  Not only is there is some overlap between the furry community and animation obviously, but beyond they also have several events going on at the convention that could be useful for animators. Check it out:

Animation Festival

Sun 1p-3p:  Fur Reality presents its very own Animation Festival with animation from all over the world, and even from talented local animators! If you love cartoons or animated movies, this is a great opportunity to see more from up and coming animators.

Furry Animation Festival poster

I wanted to also point out these non- furry learning opportunities:

Basics of Animation

Sun 11a – 12p: Interested in animating? Get started by learning the 12 Principles of Animation and how to apply them to your own work!

Basics of Comic Making

Sat 6:30p-7:30p: Want to know some of the secrets of making comics? Learn about recommended supplies, techniques, tips, and insider stories from professional comic book writer and artists.

Basics of Environment Design for Storytelling

Sun 12p-1p: Learn to create simple but effective backgrounds using composition, thumbnailing and perspective. Great for beginners looking to get started in backgrounds

Character Design for Comics + Animation

Sat 11a-12p: Learn the basics of character design, utilizing shape language, silhouettes and personality details to make unique characters.

Intro to Writing

Fri 4pm-5pm: Looking to get started as a writer? Serathin would love to help! Enjoy a short panel of sharing experiences, information and advice, followed by a little Q&A!

Publishing Options

Sat 12pm-1pm: Wendy Vorgel is an agented writer and has been published. Learn about getting an agent, finding a publisher, and self-publishing.

What Makes a Hero

Sun 1pm-2pm: A look at the classic Hero’s Journey in literature using Star Wars as the example. Learn to examine and think critically about story structure by following Luke through his Journey.

World Building

Sat 5:30pm-6:30pm: You can find tons of articles on basic world building on the internet. But here are a few things they forgot to tell you.

Writers Block

Sat 8pm-9pm: Do you suffer from writer’s block? We do too! Come learn tricks to help get yourself out of a writing slump!

Writing Screenplays

Sun 12pm-1pm: You think visually but want to write? Screenplays are a unique kind of writing. Let’s go over some of the mechanics!

See? If you go let us know how it was. I will be getting to as much of this as I can since I will be there helping a friend out but there is so much that I am sure I will miss stuff. See you soon!

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2 thoughts on “Workshops For Everyone at Fur Reality Furry Convention”

  1. Hello,


    I am just now seeing this website! Wondered about the workshops from the Furry Convention last Fall, will this repeat? I and I suspect several friends from the Lexington KY area would be interested in attending these if the event will repeat or possibly hosting the workshops or a portion of them either in NKY or Lexington.



    1. Hi Jonathan! There will be workshops again next year, it is something they want to continue. I am not sure what the workshops will be on though. Thanks for the suggestion of hosting something in NKY or Lexington, I will mention that to them. We also work with the Cincinnati Film Society and want to include Kentucky more so I will also keep that in mind for animation related stuff.

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